What is Power Nutrition?

To understand what Power Nutrition is you must first understand what it is to be a strength athlete. Whether you are a Powerlifter, Strongman, Weightlifter, or Highland Games competitor, each of you know what it takes to be the best at your sport. The intense training sessions, the injuries, and the thrill of competition is something that all of you have experienced throughout your strength career. Many strength athletes have studied every facet of their sport looking to increase their best, but one area that the majority of the strength masses have overlooked is their nutrition and supplementation program.

Since athletes of other sports have used customized nutrition plans to take their performance to new heights for decades, how come strength athletes have left it by the wayside. Is it because strength athletes just don't care for that extra edge? No, of course not. The reason so many have neglected their nutrition program is because there was not a system or scientific methodology that truly related to them. There are tons of programs for runners, baseball players, soccer players and even bodybuilders. But the strength athlete has been left in the dark on what he or she should do to become the best at their specific strength sport.

No longer is this a problem. The Nutrition XP3 program was developed with the strength athlete in mind. There is no longer any guess work on what the true strength athlete should be doing with their nutrition plan. Finally, after decades of misguidance in the nutrition industry, comes a program that will take into consideration what it is to be a strength athlete, and what it takes to be the best at what you do. The Nutrition XP3 customized program is what the strength scene has been waiting for and now is your chance to experience Power Nutrition
at its best!

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